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Saturday, February 25, 2012 ♥ 9:21 PM
foster the people

Okay, I know I haven't posted any new post for about 6 months!
I'm just so busy (yet so lazy) haha
Now I will post some new posts because I'm in holiday right now! yey!

I'm dying to blog about this topic you know...
it's about Foster The People!! *firework* *laser light to the sky* *and my eyes change to heart
the singer: Mark Foster, the bassist: Cubbie Fink, the drummer: Mark Pontius

mark pontius, mark foster, cubbie fink

a month ago, I bought their ticket concert although I only like and know 'Pumped Up Kicks'
their hit song, which got 1# billboard chart top for alternative genre.
but I have listened to some of the songs from the album and it was pretty cool.
this was me, not yet addicted at that time.

so I went to the concert with a friend
(thank God he did attend the concert with me, if not, i would have had no company back then)
and it was so cool!!! their performance, the lighting, the sound system, the voice, the smile
some people say 'The most amazing live band!!! If you ever get a chance, you must see them!!!'
some say that they are better in live than in studio.
others say they need to launch their live concert album.
well, i do agree with them because when watching live, you really get the euphoria you know
and also you get the dance haha
with their performance, the beat, the personel *sigh*

everyone's going crazy too : screaming, pushing, singing along
but too much can make us really annoyed.
for almost 20 minutes the crowd were so crazy, they pushed left, right, front
they were also really annoying; singing along and screaming 'i love you, Mark Foster'
almost made me deaf -_-
and for a girl with average height, my sight were distracted by people's shoulders, sweaty hair (yikes), and heads.
thankfully besides all of the distraction, I still enjoyed it.

well it's true but i do understand that some people don't get along with their genre

so my favorite songs now are Pumped Up Kicks, Helena Beat, Waste, anddd many more hehe
the first week after the concert, I was so crazy and addicted to them,
especially the singer, Mark Foster

okay maybe that's all or I will blabbering about Mark Foster for as long as I could haha
he's a vocalist, pianist, guitarist, composer, and do percussion ;) so aweome!

i will make a special post for him :D

ps: if you want to see more of their live video in Jakarta click here she has plenty of the videos

this is my video taken from my phone live :)

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